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The park around Villa Puebla is 13500 sqm and is holding a great variety of biodiversity. You will find a great variety of fruit trees; like apple; pear, cherries as well as chestnut trees and sycamore maples.

East side of the house, we find the remains of the park ornament of the time. Groves of centuries-old trees, including spruces and a weeping willow frame the façade and there are many flowering shrubs.

There are also the remains of the rockery and its basin that we are renovating. On the north side you will find the magnificent original winter garden; which has been carefully renovated. Inside you will notice an old and healthy Muscat the Hambourg plant.

Originally the park was created to provide vegetables and fruits to the family as well as provide visitors with beautiful ornamental. We have leveraged on these two axes to restore the garden and create a space where we welcome guests in a rejuvenating and exotic place, a place for inspiration and artistic expression and cultivate the land to offer healthy an completely local food; Our aim is to raise awareness of ecological issues through a reservoir of biodiversity preserved.

Visits, workshops, events, concerts take place directly in the park on an ad hoc basis. New plantations are made, with the aim of providing multiple blooms spread throughout the year. In fact, the interior of Villa Puebla speaks to us of flowers through its tapestries and stained glass windows.

The Parc is therefore intended to continue in its role as nourishing garden: food for the body and food for the mind, for a moment of great inspiration in its places.