Culture & Nature


Culture et Nature en Ubaye is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to: The promotion of artisanal and artistic creation in the Ubaye valley, and more particularly around the Villa Puebla. And we are also dedicated to reflecting on  the place of the living and the wild in our society, by:

  • The organization of exhibitions
  • The creation, design, production, and organization of concerts, shows, multidisciplinary performances, and, in general, events for cultural or educational purposes
  • The exercise of economic activities in the service of the objectives of the association
  • The artist residency program: The artist residency co-exists on the Villa Puebla estate alongside guest accommodation, breakfast and the garden. The resident artists live in the 19th century villa and are a central part of the community life. They offer workshops and events. All artists are asked to leave a trace and donate an artwork at the end of the residency.

In 2023 we have enjoyed a very diverse and busy program and these are some of the many activities we run:

  • Workshop with The Croqueurs de pommes/ Fruit trees pruning and grafting
  •  Yoga classes 
  • Story telling evenings for kids and family
  •  Workshop for kids with a children’s books writer
  • Conferences delivered by the National park of Mercantour staff
  • Conference on contemporain Mexico 

Joining our artists in residence program a lot of artists have already performed and stayed at Villa Puebla. Please find below theirs names:

  • Laurent Corvaisier, painter and illustrator
  • Lisa Gru, designer and illustrator
  • Hanna Wendelbo, designer and illustrator
  • Catherine Petit, story teller
  • Cyrielle Eberhardt, musician
  • Gina Vide, painter
  • Frédéric Marais, author and illustrator
  • Bruno de la Salle, story teller
  • Marco Soma, illustrator
  • Luca Tortolini, illustrator
  • Quentin Pillone, hip hop dancer
  • Fathi Belgaam, musician